Broadcast on documentary Channel


Having our Baby: The Surrogacy Boom is a documentary by Soapbox Productions airing on CBC’s Documentary Channel. It plunges viewers into the heart of one of life’s most difficult, intimate decisions by following two Canadian couples and their surrogates on a journey fraught with emotional, legal and financial hurdles. Will it end in joy, or crushing disappointment?

As we are led through the journey of the documentary, we find ourselves challenging long-held beliefs about the right of every couple to have a child. About issues of economic disparity. About political implications and moral boundaries. Questions of unintended consequences to what might be well intended actions. Our goal with this online poll is to find, engage, and measure these conversations that Canadians are having around this ethical and very personal subject. It is an opportunity to see how your feelings measure against those of your fellow citizens as we move forward to define and redefine our laws and practices.

Having Our Baby: The Surrogacy Boom is the most recent project from Soapbox Productions, formed in 1990. For over 25 years, Soapbox has been a multi-faceted production company providing dramas, comedies, documentaries, children’s series, and reality shows to broadcasters around the world under the leadership of Nick Orchard. Nick has also produced for the CBC and BBC on hits including The Beachcombers, Eastenders, and Brookside.