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Canadians who can not conceive or carry their own baby are traveling to other countries where surrogates are available for a fee. Do you agree with this practice?


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While Canada’s Assisted Human Reproduction Act prohibits payment for surrogacy at home, ironically it doesn’t prohibit couples from going to those foreign countries who still offer surrogacy for a fee. The practice is known as ‘reproductive tourism’ and while many destinations have closed the door because of abuses, others like the Ukraine continue to grow this industry.

It’s a complex moral, ethical, legal, and economic issue. Some say it offers a better life for the women in these countries: that it’s a win-win situation whereby a woman who might otherwise earn only $2 a day can now buy a home for her family or send children to school. Others say it exploitation of the bodies of impoverished women by the rich. That if surrogacy was legalized for pay in Canada, this exploitation would stop. How do you feel about this practice?

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