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If you were a surrogate and the sperm and egg had come from the Intended Parents (IP), would you want a future relationship with the child?


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One of the most prolific surrogate mothers on record is Carole Horlock of Britain, dubbed ‘the best uterus in the world.’ By age 49 she carried 16 babies for intended parents (IP), considering herself “just a carrier” and saying she doesn’t bond with them when they’re in the womb.

In fact, studies show that most surrogate mothers do not have difficulty relinquishing a baby and a majority feel empowered by the surrogacy experience. However some surrogates express disappointment with future treatment by the intended parents who may refuse to maintain promised contact including something as simple as sending a photo of the child over time.

How do you feel? As the surrogate with no genetic tie to the couple, would you still want future contact with the baby, or would you literally and figuratively ‘cut the chord?’

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