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Foreigners are increasingly seeking a Canadian surrogate who is eligible for care under the Canadian health plan. Do you agree with this practice?


Yes, but only if additional fees are paid
I’d like to learn more before I answer

As other countries ban commercial surrogacy because of abuses, Canada has become a magnet for ‘reproductive tourism.’ The Canadian taxpayer is now shouldering costs for intended parents from other countries who seek out the services of a Canadian surrogate fully covered under Canada’s universal health care plan.

In one survey, 88% of 34 surrogates surveyed in Canada report they have been approached by international couples. Additionally, these couples may also be ‘incentivizing’ Canadian surrogates, offering lavish gifts that Canadian parents can’t give for fear of being prosecuted. This further erodes the number of surrogates available for Canadian couples and many feel that this practice needs to be stopped. Others look at these couples and feel that they deserve to experience the joy of having a baby as much as any Canadian, especially if these services are not available in their countries or are prohibitively expensive. How do you feel about allowing foreign couples to access surrogates in Canada?

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